National workshop to assess the French oil pollution response system

Cedre organised, with the SGMer, an evaluation workshop of the POLMAR component of the "ORSEC Maritime Mediterranean System" using the ARPEL Manual - 21 October 2019, Cedre, Brest

"In the framework of the West MOPoCo project, Cedre organized, with SGMer, an evaluation workshop of the marine pollution component of the “dispositif ORSEC maritime Méditerranée”, using the ARPEL Manual and the associated RETOSTM tool, allowing assessment of oil spill response planning and preparedness.

The ORSEC (Maritime Civil Security Response Organisation) system determines the general organisation of rescue operations at sea and defines the management procedures for these operations. Each facade and sea basin has its own mechanism developed and updated every five years by the divisions in charge of "State Action at Sea" of the maritime prefectures.

In France, marine pollution control interventions, regardless of their origin (ship, industrial installation at sea, telluric origin) or the characteristics of the pollutant (hydrocarbons, chemical substances) are covered by the "POLMAR" section of the "ORSEC maritime" mechanism.

The evaluation workshop was held on October 21, 2019 at the Cedre offices in Brest and brought together officials from the main administrations responsible for developing, implementing and reviewing the scheme: Cedre, CoFGC, CEPPOL, the Directorate of Maritime Affairs, the Maritime Prefecture of the Mediterranean and the SGMer. The evaluation showed the robustness of the specific POLMAR arrangement according to the RETOSTM A and B echelon criteria. This assessment will serve as a basis for defining an improvement programme with the relevant services.