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Commissariat national du littoral - National Coastal Commissariat - Algeria



The National Coastal Commissariat, Commissariat national du littoral (CNL), is a public administrative institution under the supervision of the Ministry of the Environment of Algeria. It is created by article 24 of act n°02-02 of 5 February 2002 on the protection and enhancement of the coastline. This law specifies the limits of coastal areas (coastal strips), lists the activities that are authorized, regulated or prohibited and defines the CNL as an institutional instrument for the implementation of its provisions, within the limits of its competence and in coordination with other institutions and actors operating in the coastal zone. 

The CNL includes a General Directorate and fourteen (14) branches in the coastal wilayas.

This organisation is supervised by a steering committee and a scientific committee. 

The main mission of the CNL is to implement the national strategy for the protection, preservation and enhancement of the coastline and coastal areas, specifically to: 

  • Preserve and enhance the coastline, coastal areas and their ecosystems; 
  • Implement measures to protect the coastline and coastal areas; 
  • Provide local authorities with all assistance related to its areas of intervention; 
  • Maintain, restore and rehabilitate remarkable land and marine areas or areas necessary to maintain natural balances for their conservation; 
  • Promote public awareness and information programmes on the conservation and sustainable use of coastal areas and their biological diversity.


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