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The Authority for Transport in Malta (Transport Malta) was set up on the 1st of January 2010 following the enactment of the Authority for Transport in Malta Act (Act XV) of 2009. The Authority’s mission is to promote and develop the transport sector in Malta by means of proper regulation and by promotion and development of related services, businesses and other interests both locally and internationally.

Transport Malta encompasses operational and supporting units and directorates one of which being the Ports and Yachting Directorate. This Directorate has a regulatory role in monitoring the maritime activities which take place within ports and the internal and territorial waters of Malta.  It also manages port facilities which are under the control of the Authority, including yachting and mooring facilities.  The Directorate is primarily responsible for promoting the efficient use of our ports and maritime facilities.   It is also responsible for preservation of good order in the internal and territorial waters, including safety of navigation, Prevention and control of pollution, provision of a safe and efficient maritime transport system, the management of port facilities and other Port related matters. 

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