National self-assessment Workshop - Algeria

10 to 12 March 2020, Algiers, Algeria

The self-assessment workshop of Algeria's national oil spill response programme was held in Algiers from 10 to 12 March 2020. The workshop was facilitated by the Commissariat National du Littoral (National Coastal Commission) and ITOPF and brought together forty representatives from twenty institutions and government departments, bringing together the four Ad-hoc sub-committees: "monitoring and information", "legal", "means of response and capacity building" and "organisation and planning" of the Tel Bahr National Committee. This Committee, created in 2014, is in charge of preparing and monitoring the response to marine pollution in Algeria.

This collective work, characterized by strong motivation and participation, has highlighted the strong points of the Tel Bahr National Plan, such as legislation, regulations and agreements, and identified categories that can be improved, such as operational response and logistics. Based on the results of the evaluation, the participants developed an improvement programme adapted to the current sub-committee structure for an efficient and coordinated division of tasks, under the supervision of senior executives from the National Coastal Commission representing the Tel Bahr Permanent Secretariat.

The workshop was an opportunity for the different participants to meet and work together during these three days and generated a working dynamic for the sub-committees with a better knowledge of the plan and these gaps but also of the specificities of each sub-committee.