National self-assessment Workshop - Tunisia

5-6 February 2020, Tunis - National Environment Protection Agency (NEPA)

The self-assessment workshop of Tunisia's national oil spill response programme using the RETOS tool took place in Tunis from 5 to 6 February 2020. This workshop, facilitated by NEPA and ITOPF Ltd., brought together 26 representatives from 13 government institutions and services, providing an opportunity to raise awareness on oil spill preparedness at the national level.

The assessment gave a very high combined score, with most of the essential criteria met by the programme. The workshop identified the strengths of the plan, such as legislation, planning, response coordination, information management and logistics, and categories for improvement such as exercises and training or funding of the national programme.

To follow up on the recommendations of the evaluation, Tunisia will work mainly on the practical side, in particular on the exercises and training components. Evaluations using the tool will also be conducted on the specific plans of oil tankers, ports, and other facilities participating in the missions and activities of the NEPA for the evaluation of platform emergency plans.

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