The Sub-regional workshop on the assessment of the level of oil spill response planning and readiness management

24-26 April 2019, REMPEC, Valletta, Malta

The workshop gathered representatives of national authorities of WestMOPoCo beneficiary countries responsible for preparedness for and response to accidental marine pollution. They could present their national contingency plans and then be trained in the use of the RETOS™ and related Manual to analyse and identify gaps in national oil preparedness and response programmes. Thanks to the participation of an expert from Sea Alarm, participants also acquired knowledge on the Self-assessment Tool for oiled wildlife preparedness

This workshop allowed for the development and adoption of a harmonised and clear approach to ensure a high-quality assessment of national oil spill contingency plans. A national workshop was organised in Morocco from 16-17 July to train officials who were not in a position to attend the sub-regional one in Malta.


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