Update and Upgrade of MIDSIS TROCS

Enhancing emergency decision-making capabilities

Updating and upgrading the Maritime Integrated Decision Support Information System (MIDSIS TROCS)




REMPEC’s Maritime Integrated Decision Support Information System Transport of Chemical Substances MIDSIS TROCS is a free and publicly available tool that aims to facilitate decision making in case of Chemical spill. It provides a tool to first responders primarily for their safety and to take well informed decision, through access to decisions trees features with concise information and action sheets, as well as updated information on chemical characteristics and reactivity, GESAMP Profiles, shoreline and at sea response guides, and more.


Under the West MOPoCo project, MIDSIS TROCS 3.0 was upgraded to 4.0, involving:

  • The integration of databases and information from other projects, for instance the HNS-MS project.
  • The update of the chemical database and relevant emergency guides in cooperation with IMO, REMPEC, Cedre, the Royal Belgian Institute of Natural Sciences and Transport Canada.
  • The update of the accident database.
  • The integration of the “Multi regional HNS Response Manual” in the upgraded decision support trees feature.
  • The development of a stand-alone application of MIDSIS-TROCS 4.0 both on workstations (laptop, computer) and mobile phones, tablet (App) to satisfy the needs of operational personnel, who would require information onsite without access to internet.


Relevant project activities

  • Activity 3.2 MIDSIS TROCS update and upgrade


Useful links

Access to the MIDSIS TROCS: http://midsis.rempec.org/