Specific Objectives and Activities

Specific Objectives and Activities

West MOPoCO aims specifically at :

Le plongeur hélicoptère (PLH) de l'hélicoptère Dauphin de la 35F scrute la mer à la recherche de boulette en soutien au Bâtiment de Soutien et d'Assistance de Dépollution (BSAD) Jason. L'hélicoptère est d'alerte SAR (Search and Rescue), c'est pourquoi un plongeur hélicoptère est paré à intervenir.


Enhancing emergency decision-making capabilities





The successful response to marine pollution is linked to the quality and the promptness of the decision-making process. Decision-making can be significantly accelerated and simplified using adequate decision support tools and guidelines.

Countries of the Baltic, the Greater North Sea and its approaches and the Mediterranean Region, through their respective decision bodies, have expressed the need for revised tools, including a Joint HNS Response Manual between REMPEC, HELCOM and the Bonn Agreement.

This manual will prepare the basis for the update and upgrade of the Maritime Integrated Decision Support Information System (MIDSIS TROCS) and will have a significant impact at the Mediterranean, European and International level on the execution of safe response operations to Oil and chemical spills carried out by the relevant competent authorities

  • Development of a joint inter-regional HNS Response Manual
  • MIDSIS TROCS update and upgrade

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Activity 6.2 RETOS Training


The assessment of the level of oil spill preparedness and improvement programme



One of the objectives of West MOPoCo is to allow Western Mediterranean coastal States to assess their national level of oil spill response planning and readiness capacities.  The Regional Association of Oil, Gas and Biofuels Sector Companies in Latin America and the Caribbean (ARPEL)’s Readiness Evaluation Tool for Oil Spills (RETOS), developed in the framework of UN Environment’s Caribbean Environment Programme, will be used in the region to assess national contingency plans.

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Nettoyage du transrec et de sa tête d'écrémage aprés avoir ramasser du pétrole, en mer Méditerranée, le 16 octobre 2018.


Strengthening cooperation in emergency procedures






National mechanisms for the mobilisation of response capacities will be developed and the synergies established between existing sub-regional contingency plans and arrangements to strengthen the emergency procedures and the sub-regional cooperation. Regional emergency communication will be enhanced through training and the upgrading of the regional system.

  • Development of emergency communication systems capacities and tools
  • Strengthening synergies between sub-regional and national emergency procedures


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